Septic 101 With Bonanza!

How does my Septic System Work?

What does proper maintenance include?

It is recommended to have your Septic System serviced every three years. Septic System Services include removing the contents of both the liquid and solid side of your tank. Inspections can also be included to make sure that the leach field is in working order.


More information on the EPA's recommendations to homeowners with septic systems can be found here:

What is my home's clean out pipe used for?

Clean out pipes are typically 4" in diameter made of black ABS or white PVC pipe and have a cap placed over the top made of similar material. These pipes are a placed where grease and other non biodegradable materials gather and can be removed before moving onto your Septic System. Sometimes backflow into the home can be remedied by removing foreign material build up from your clean out pipe.  This is not a point of access for performing Waste Water Removal Services, however they serve as an access point to insert an electronic equipment when attempting to locate your tank.

Where Is My Septic Tank?

Unsure of where your septic tank is located? The first step is to contact your city or county's Building Permit Department and request the map supplied by the installation company. In some areas, the EPA or Health and Human Services departments keep septic system information. Should no documentation be found, or you would like to confirm that the records on hand are accurate, Bonanza Septic has the equipment to map and confirm current available maps.*

* Some restrictions apply