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Frequently Asked


Q: What is included in the Septic Survey?

A: Your Septic Survey will include, tank location, waste water removal, a report on the integrity of the tank, inlets and outlets, supporting photographs, as well as a 30 minute leach field water test. All findings are then compiled into a digital Septic Survey .

Q: How long does it take to receive the Septic Survey?


A: Septic Surveys typically have a 24 hour or less turn around as long as the Billing Service Agreement is completed in full prior to your appointment.

Q: What information do you need to bill to escrow?


A: Click here to download a copy of our Billing Service Agreement

Q: Is there a fee for billing through Escrow?

A: Bonanza Septic offers FREE ESCROW BILLING

Q: What if I do not know the location of the tank?

A: Tank location is not necessary to book your Septic Survey. However, providing permit maps, general location information and/or access information may significantly reduce your overall service bill.

Q: Where do I obtain a permit map for my property?

A: Septic permit maps can be obtained by contacting either your County Building Department or EPA Office.

Q: Do I need to present at the time of the inspection?

A: Service can be performed without a your presence as long as the following conditions exists: adequate access for the service truck , access to the interior of the home, clean-out pipe, running water and electricity are available.