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Septic System FAQ'S

How often should a septic tank be pumped out?

It is recommended to have your Septic System serviced every three years. Septic System Services include removing the contents of both the liquid and solid side of your tank. Inspections can also be included to make sure that the leach field is in working order.


More information on the EPA's recommendations to homeowners with septic systems can be found here:

Do cleaning products affect my system?

For the most part, your septic system’s bacteria should recover quickly after small amounts of household cleaning
products have entered the system. Of course, some cleaning products are less toxic to your system than others.
Labels can help key you into the potential toxicity of various products.

Can I build over the septic system?

Do not build driveways, storage buildings, or other structures over the septic system and disposal components.
These solid surfaces prevent access to the system for maintenance, reduce the ability of water to evaporate from the
soil, and restrict air movement into the soil. Reduce compaction of the soil by keeping vehicles, equipment, and
livestock off the wastewater treatment area. Compacted soil will reduce infiltration in the soil adsorption field.

What plants are appropriate for the soil treatment area?

Plant warms season grasses that use more water and over-seed with cool-season grasses during the winter. Grasses
remove a significant portion of the water from a system, and the grass cover must be maintained. Trees also remove
water and can be planted around the system perimeter. However, roots from trees planted too close to the soil
treatment area can clog distribution pipes and ruin your septic system.

Do antibiotics affect system performance?

Prescription antibiotics and drugs are extremely hard on the microbes in the system. Flushing them into the
wastewater system increases the maintenance. Visit the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website for information
on the disposal of unused medications.

Should I add septic tank additives?

For the majority of homeowners, septic additives are not necessary because a healthy septic system has everything it
needs to perform its job of treating and getting rid of waste. In fact, some studies have shown that using septic tank
additives can actually do more harm than good—to your tank, your drain-field and the surrounding groundwater.


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