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  Bonanza Septic Service provides septic tank and grease trap cleaning services in Northern Nevada. We offer fast, reliable service at a fair competitive price. Our experienced septic system contractors are experienced in both commercial and residential works. Our Services Include:
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Home Inspections
  • Sewer Line Video Inspections
  • Escrow Billing
  • Year Round Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Much More
We offer grease trap pumping for restaurants, institutional kitchens and commercial customers. We know that grease trap cleaning and servicing is a difficult task for kitchen staff to perform. The odor of grease trap is unpleasant and most do not have the right equipment to carry out the task efficiently. If grease trap cleaning does not take place on time, it will lead to blockage in drains. As the name suggests, grease traps are nothing but a trap for sludge, greases, fatty oils and separates oil from water. This problem is faced more by restaurant owners. For keeping your grease trap in working condition, you can avail our professional restaurant and institutional kitchens grease trap cleaning done on a regular basis. Our grease trap cleaning comprises of an evaluation of grease trap content followed by scraping and washing of baffles and walls. We do inlet and outlet point inspections to ensure cleaning. To get rid of the pungent smell, we deodorize and replace the lids. Once the cleaning work is complete, we will give you an update on how frequently you should get your trap cleaned for maximum efficiency based on the condition of your grease trap. Our technicians are highly qualified, trained and experienced to keep your grease removal systems running smoothly. For septic pumping services in Northern Nevada, contact or call us at 775-883-3411. We look forward to serving you.